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"Brer Rabbit" is used here as a label for the African-American folktales that feature the adventures of "Brother Rabbit," one of the great tricksters of all time, and his fellow animals. You can get some background about the Brer Rabbit storytelling tradition at Wikipedia. Here are the Brer Rabbit tales at this site:

Below are some online sources where you can read the stories as collected in the 19th century by Joel Chandler Harris, who invented the character of "Uncle Remus" as the storyteller. I would also highly recommend Julius Lester's retelling of the stories (see bottom of post) - it's marvelous!
My own favorite collection of Brer Rabbit stories in book form is this collection by Julius Lester: Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales, with illustrations by Jerry Pinkney. Lester retells the stories in a more standard English that is easier to read than the dialect in Harris' books, and he thankfully dispenses with the character of Uncle Remus.

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