Brer Rabbit: Hey, House!

One day Brer Wolf decided he would trap Brer Rabbit inside the rabbit's own house. He watched and waited until he saw Brer Rabbit leaving the house in the morning, and then he hid himself inside the house, chuckling to himself. "Brer Rabbit will never guess that there's a wolf hiding in his very own house," he said.

When Brer Rabbit came home later that day, something just didn't feel right. He noticed the door was open just a crack, but he knew he had closed the door tightly that morning. He saw some tracks in the ground that didn't look like at all like rabbit tracks. "Well," he thought to himself, "this is a mystery. Let me see if I can find out just who is in my house without going inside there myself."

"Hey, my house!" Brer Rabbit shouted. "House! Can you hear me?"

The wolf was confused, but he decided just to keep quiet until he figured out what was going on.

"HEY, HOUSE!" shouted the rabbit again. "I am talking to you! Why don't you answer?"

Now Brer Wolf started to get nervous. "What does that crazy rabbit expect?" he thought to himself.

"House, are you sick today? Or have you just forgotten your manners? I can't remember ever coming home without so much as a hello from you."

Brer Wolf knew he needed to say something. "Hello," he said, very quietly.

"What's that?" asked Brer Rabbit. "I didn't hear you."

"Hello!" howled the wolf, very loudly this time.

Brer Rabbit recognized the voice at once. "Hello to you too, Brer Wolf," said the rabbit. "And goodbye!" he added as he hopped quickly away into the safety of the woods. Brer Rabbit waited there, well hidden, and watched until he saw Brer Wolf give up and go away, looking very embarrassed.

The rabbit had won again!

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