Reading A: Tales of Anansi (100 Words)

This book is not finished yet, so I don't have a Kindle version, audiobook, etc. like for the other Tiny Tales books, but I do have these 50 stories more-or-less ready. You can use them for reading in Week 7 or Week 9. Each story is linked to a blog post with author's notes and source information. (If all goes well, I'll have the book done sometime in November.)

~ 1. Anansi and Tiger in the Pit ~
Anansi heard Tiger roaring.
He looked around; there was Tiger, trapped in a deep pit. Tiger was leaping and jumping, trying to escape.
Anansi looked down and smiled. "Hello, Tiger!" he said. "Having trouble down there?"
That made Tiger mad! He started clawing his way up the pit inch by inch.
"You can do it, Tiger!" Anansi shouted. "Come on! Come on!"
"No... more... strength..." gasped Tiger near the top.
"Just pray!" said Anansi. "Put your paws together and pray for strength."
And when Tiger put his paws together, he slid all the way back down.
Anansi ran off, laughing.

~ 2. Anansi's Riding-Horse ~
Anansi kept telling everybody, "Tiger was my father's riding-horse."
This made Tiger angry!
Tiger went to Anansi's house.
"Come with me!" he said. "You're going to take back your words."
"I'm sick!" groaned Anansi. "I'm too weak to walk."
"Well, you can get on my back."
Anansi fetched his saddle and bridle and spurs.
"What do you need all that for?" asked Tiger.
"To keep from falling off," Anansi said. "I feel so weak!"
Then when Anansi was in the saddle, he spurred Tiger, who ran.
"Like I said: Tiger was my father's riding-horse!" Anansi shouted. "And now he's mine too!"

~ 3. Anansi and his Grandmother ~
Anansi killed his grandmother, put her body in his wagon, and drove into town.
He told the barkeeper, "Take some whiskey to my grandmother in the wagon. Wake her if she's asleep."
The barkeeper couldn't wake her.
Then Anansi came out and shouted, "You killed her!"
The shopkeeper gave Anansi a sack of gold coins to keep quiet.
"How did you get that gold?" Tiger asked Anansi.
"I killed my grandmother and drove her to town," said Anansi.
So Tiger killed his grandmother and drove to town, shouting, "Who wants to buy my dead grandmother?"
They locked Tiger in jail!

~ 4. Anansi and the Coconut ~
Anansi was eating a coconut, smacking his lips happily.
"What's that?" asked Tiger.
"It's one of my balls!" said Anansi. "Balls are very sweet."
Then Anansi smiled at Tiger. "Hey, Tiger, your balls are much bigger than mine. I bet they are even sweeter than mine are! Let's go to the blacksmith, and he can use his hammer and anvil to break off one of your balls so you can eat it."
Tiger and Anansi twent to the blacksmith. Tiger lay down, and the blacksmith banged him with a hammer, and Tiger died.
Then Anansi ate Tiger, balls and all.

~ 5. Anansi and Tiger in the Pot ~
Tiger came to see Anansi.
"Hard times!" said Anansi. "We don't have any food."
Tiger went away, but he heard Anansi's wife yell, "Dinner's ready."
So Tiger came back.
"I'll share the food if you do what I tell you," said Anansi.
Tiger agreed.
Anansi got in the pot. "Put the lid on, and when I knock, let me out."
Tiger put on the lid. Anansi knocked. Tiger let him out.
"Now you!" said Anansi.
Tiger got in. Anansi put on the lid. Tiger knocked, but Anansi didn't let him out.
"Got you now!"
Anansi cooked Tiger and ate him.

~ 6. Anansi and Tiger's Goat ~
Anansi and Tiger went hunting.
Tiger caught a goat.
Anansi didn't catch anything.
"That's a nice goat!" Anansi said.
"I'm going to take this goat home, kill it, and cook it," said Tiger.
"Did you thank God yet?" Anansi asked him. "Don't forget to say grace!"
"Uh-oh," said Tiger. "I didn't say grace yet."
"You better say it now, Tiger! You've got to put your hands together and say: Thank the Lord!"
So Tiger put his hands together to pray, and when he did that, his hands let go of the goat and the goat ran away.
Anansi just laughed!

~ 7. Tiger and Anansi's Knives ~
Tiger and Anansi went walking together.
"I have a knife," Anansi said. "Do you?"
"I do!" said Tiger.
Then Anansi said, "I'm scared of your knife, Tiger."
"I'm scared of yours too, Anansi!"
"We should throw away our knives," said Anansi. "I'll go first!"
Anansi threw something away, but it wasn't his knife; it was a rock.
"Now you!" said Anansi.
Tiger threw away his knife.
Then they came to some pineapple.
Anansi shouted, "You need a knife to eat pineapple," and he started eating.
Tiger didn't have a knife, so he couldn't eat pineapple.
Anansi had tricked Tiger again!

~ 8. Anansi and Mr. Mighty's Sheep ~
Anansi guarded Mr. Mighty's sheep, but sheep kept disappearing.
"Find out who's stealing my sheep!" Mr. Mighty told Anansi.
So Anansi organized a party, inviting everybody.
Then he went to Tiger and gave him new sheepskin trousers and a new sheepskin shirt. "Wear your new clothes to the party," he told Tiger. "And sing this song: See my clothes all made of sheep; see my sheepskin clothes."
Tiger arrived wearing his new clothes and singing the song, feeling all proud and happy.
"That's him! "shouted Anansi. "That's the sheep-thief!"
They locked Tiger up in jail for stealing Mr. Mighty's sheep.

~ 9. Anansi, Tiger, and the Lady's Sheep ~
Anansi was stealing a lady's sheep every night until there was only one sheep left.
"Let me kill that sheep," Tiger said, "and I'll kill Anansi."
The lady agreed.
Tiger killed the sheep and put on the sheepskin.
Anansi came and took Tiger.
"This sheep is heavy!" Anansi groaned.
He carried the sheep home and cut its throat.
"There's no blood," said Anansi.
"There's ME!" roared Tiger, jumping out.
But Anansi ran fast and Tiger couldn't catch him.
When the lady saw Tiger, she shouted. "Anansi's still alive, you liar!" and she locked Tiger in jail for stealing her sheep.

~ 10. Tiger and Anansi Eating Breakfast ~
Tiger fed Anansi a good breakfast.
"You come eat breakfast with me tomorrow," Anansi said. "Come when you hear dishes clattering."
So Tiger listened and waited. There were no dishes clattering.
Finally Tiger came anyway.
"Too late!" said Anansi. "Breakfast is over."
"There was no noise!" shouted Tiger.
"Try again tomorrow," said Anansi. "But when I say 'Eat eat eat!' then you must say 'I don't want to eat.'"
So the next day Tiger came, and Anansi said, "Eat eat eat!" and Tiger said, "I don't want to eat," so Anansi told him to go away.
Tiger got tricked twice!

~ 11. Tiger Helps Anansi to Get Meat ~
Tiger fed Anansi breakfast, but when Anansi invited Tiger for breakfast, Anansi gave him nothing. Tiger wanted revenge.
Anansi asked, "How do you get all this meat for breakfast?"
"It's easy!" said Tiger. "I go where the cows are. When a cow lies down, I stick my hand inside and grab the cow's guts. Then I pull it out. Just pull hard, and don't let go."
So Anansi did what Tiger said.
But the cow ran and dragged Anansi over the grass and over the rocks.
That's why Anansi's belly is white: his skin got scraped off by the rocks!

~ 12. Anansi and Tiger Go Hunting ~
Tiger and Anansi went pig-hunting.
Every time Tiger shot, Anansi shot too. Tiger hit the pigs, and Anansi didn't hit anything, but he still claimed half the meat for himself.
This was making Tiger mad, so he played a trick.
"I hear Man coming!" shouted Tiger.
"Don't you hear his whip?"
Anansi hid in the tree.
It was just Tiger making the whip-sound, but Anansi didn't know that.
"Tiger shot the pigs!" Anansi shouted.
"Not me, Mister Man! I can't shoot! Tiger shot those pigs."
Then Tiger laughed and took all the meat home; Anansi got nothing.

~ 13. Anansi and the Tar-Stump ~
Anansi was stealing Tiger's peanuts.
Tiger made a trap: tarred a stump, put a hat on it.
"Who are you?" Anansi asked.
Stump didn't answer.
Anansi grabbed with one hand. Stuck. Other hand. Stuck.
He butted with his head. Stuck.
Anansi kicked. Both feet stuck.
Tiger laughed. "How should I punish you?"
"Burn me!" said Anansi.
Tiger built a fire and then pulled Anansi loose.
"Before burning me," Anansi shouted, "best jump the fire yourself three times for good luck."
Tiger jumped: one, two, three — third time Anansi pushed Tiger into the fire.
Tiger died.
Anansi got the peanuts.

~ 14. Anansi in the Gourd ~
Tiger was chasing Anansi, and Anansi needed to hide, so he hid inside Tiger's water-gourd.
Tiger didn't see where Anansi went, and he was angry that Anansi got away.
Then Tiger picked up his water-gourd and went to fetch water.
Anansi had to get away, or else he would drown.
"Tiger's mother is dead-dead-DEAD!" said Anansi from inside the gourd, and his voice echoed.
Tiger listened, and then kept walking.
"Tiger's mother is dead-DEAD-DEAD!"
Tiger listened again.
"Tiger's mother is DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!"
Tiger dropped the gourd and went running to his mother's house.
Tiger's mother wasn't dead, but Anansi got away!

~ 15. Anansi and Tiger Go Fishing ~
Anansi and Tiger went fishing.
They caught a big fish, and Tiger grabbed it. "This one is mine!" he shouted, and he tied a string to the fish, and then he tied that string to his toe. "I'll know if you try to steal it!"
This made Anansi angry, but he didn't say anything.
Tiger fell asleep, but in his dreams he kept wiggling his toe to make sure the fish was there.
Anansi untied the fish and tied the string to a tree.
When Tiger woke up, he tugged on the string: no fish!
Anansi had tricked Tiger again.

~ 16. Anansi and Tiger's Mango-Tree ~
Tiger had a mango-tree, and Anansi wanted some of those mangoes.
"Will you give me some mangoes?"
Tiger said, "No!"
"Can I buy some mangoes?"
Tiger said, "NO!"
Then Anansi said, "You know, there's a big storm coming. A real big storm. You better tie yourself to that tree before the wind blows you away."
"Tie me!" said Tiger.
Anansi tied Tiger to the tree, but no wind came.
"When's that storm coming?" asked Tiger.
"No storm," said Anansi. "I just wanted those mangoes."
Anansi climbed the tree, took the mangoes, and left Tiger behind, still tied to the tree.

~ 17. Anansi Ties Tiger ~
Anansi was carrying a basket of fish when he met Tiger.
Tiger grabbed the basket and ate all fish.
Anansi was angry but said nothing.
They kept walking, and Anansi saw a fruit-tree.
"Nice fruit there!" said Anansi.
"Get me some!" said Tiger.
Anansi climbed up and looked down. "I see lice in your fur!"
Tiger said, "Come clean me!"
Anansi came down and pulled Tiger's fur and whiskers so hard he was able to tie Tiger to the tree.
Then Anansi ran off and left Tiger tied to that tree.
Tiger roared, and a hunter came a killed him.

~ 18. Anansi, Tiger, and the Fish ~
To hide his fish from Tiger, Anansi put them in a coffin.
"I'll help you bury your friend!" said Tiger.
They walked and walked and finally Anansi told Tiger, "I hid my fish in this coffin."
"Delicious!" said Tiger. "I'm hungry!"
Tiger ate the fish and threw the fish-bones in the coffin.
"Now I want dumplings!" said Tiger. "Let's go to your house."
Anansi gave the fish-bones to his wife. "Put the bones in the dumplings," he whispered.
Tiger choked on the dumplings.
"I'll help you!" said Anansi. He grabbed a shovel and whacked Tiger on the back.
Tiger died!

~ 19. Anansi Goes to Tiger's Wedding ~
Tiger didn't invite Anansi to his wedding.
Anansi was mad, so he put cow-itch plant inside Tiger's tuxedo.
Tiger put on the tuxedo and it itched.
It itched bad!
Tiger tore off his tuxedo. "Go get Anansi!" he yelled.
Anansi was excited to come to the wedding feast, but when he got there, Tiger buried him in the cow-itch. It itched bad!
Thinking quickly, Anansi yelled, "Did you see the Queen coming behind me?"
"The Queen???!" Tiger didn't think she would come to the wedding.
While everyone ran to see the queen, Anansi escaped.
There was no queen, of course.

~ 20. Anansi and the Eggs ~
Firefly and Anansi were gathering eggs at night.
"Little eggs for you," said Anansi. "Big eggs for me."
This made Firefly mad, so he flew away.
Stumbling in the dark, Anansi found Tiger's house.
"Help me!" said Anansi. "I'll give you these eggs."
Tiger let Anansi sleep in his house and, knowing Anansi, Tiger put scorpions around Anansi's egg-basket to protect the eggs.
When Anansi went to steal the eggs, scorpions bit him.
Anansi started crying.
"Why are you crying?" asked Tiger.
"I'm missing my family!" said Anansi.
Since Anansi couldn't steal the eggs, he stole one of Tiger's sheep.

~ 21. Anansi and Tiger's Bone-Hole ~
Tiger had a big pot of stew-meat, and a bone-hole where he threw the bones.
Anansi and his whole family got in the pot to eat, but Tiger came, so they hid in the hole.
Tiger ate and threw a bone. It hit Anansi's child. "Hush!" said Anansi.
Second bone hit second child. "Hush!"
Third bone hit third child. "Hush!"
Then Anansi's wife. "Hush!"
Finally Tiger threw a bone that hit Anansi. "Everybody yell!" Anansi said.
So they yelled, and it scared Tiger. "Ghosts in the bone-hole! Ghosts!"
Tiger ran off.
Then Anansi and his family ate all the meat.

~ 22. Anansi Helps Tiger Take a Bath ~
Tiger and Anansi went to the river.
"Wash your guts!" said Anansi.
Tiger took out his guts and washed them.
"Now your head!"
When Tiger put his head in the water, Anansi stole his guts.
"Make this into stew!" he told his wife.
Then he prepared his children for Tiger's funeral. "You all cry: Poor Tiger's dead!"
One child cried, "We ate Tiger!"
"No!" said Anansi. "You can't go to the funeral."
But that child came to the funeral anyway.
When Anansi saw the child coming, he ran and hid on the rooftop.
Spiders stay on the roof even now.

~ 23. Anansi's Familiy on the Rooftop ~
Anansi and his family were on the rooftop, hiding from Tiger.
One of Anansi's children complained, "I'm hungry."
Anansi got angry! He threw the child down. Tiger ate him.
Next child. Next child. Next child. All the children.
Then Anansi fell asleep.
Mrs. Anansi sewed her skirt to Anansi's trousers.
Anansi woke up, and when he threw her down, she didn't fall: she stayed stuck to Anansi up there.
"Pile up a trash-heap for us to land on!" Anansi told Tiger.
Tiger piled up a trash-heap.
They jumped down and hid in the trash-pile.
Tiger's still looking for them there!

~ 24. Tiger Tries to Trick Anansi ~
Tiger wanted to kill Anansi.
"Tell him I'm dead," he said to Mrs. Tiger. "I'll lie here and wait for him."
Mrs. Tiger wept and wailed. "Poor Tiger! My husband is dead!"
Anansi was suspicious.
"Did you hear Tiger was sick?" he asked Dog. Dog said no.
He asked Monkey and Goat and all the animals. Nobody had heard Tiger was sick.
Anansi went to Tiger's house.
Mrs. Tiger sat there weeping; Tiger was in the bed.
"Did he make the final groan?" Anansi asked Mrs. Tiger. "Everybody makes one big final groan."
Tiger groaned.
Then Anansi ran off, laughing.

~ 25. Anansi's Strong Hand ~
Anansi and Tiger wanted to see whose hand was strongest.
Anansi hid a cudgel in his sleeve and hit Tiger on the head.
Tiger was surprised; he didn't think Anansi's hand was so strong.
"I'll come for you tomorrow!" Tiger said.
Anansi invited Deer to come stay with him. "I'm going to sleep, Deer," Anansi said. "But you stay up. Tiger is coming with good food for us!"
When Tiger knocked at the door, Deer opened the door.
Tiger hit him and then ran off, thinking he had hit Anansi.
Deer was dead, and Anansi roasted Deer on his barbecue.

~ 26. Tiger, Anansi and Goat ~
Tiger, Anansi, and Goat shared a house together, but Tiger wanted the whole house for himself. "I'm hungry!" he roared. "I'm going to eat you both!"
Then Anansi and Goat ran away, and Tiger chased them.
They got to the river.
"I can't swim!" cried Goat.
Anansi turned Goat into a small white stone, and then he jumped across the river.
Tiger arrived.
"I bet you can't hit me with that stone!" Anansi shouted at Tiger.
Tiger threw the stone.
When it hit the ground on the other side, the stone turned back into Goat.
Anansi and Goat were safe!

~ 27. Anansi's Magic Yams ~
Anansi's yams were magic: only Anansi could pull them out of the ground.
Tiger was hungry. "Let me harvest your yams!" he said to Anansi.
Anansi laughed. "You can try!"
Tiger dug and dug. The yams wouldn't come out.
Tiger got angry and started slicing yams with his machete.
Then the yams jumped up and chased Tiger. "Ticky-Picky-Boom-Boom!" they shouted. "TICKY-PICKY-BOOM-BOOM!"
Tiger ran. The yams ran too.
"Help me, Goat!" shouted Tiger. Goat butted the yams into the river.
The yams drowned.
Tiger and Goat fished out them out and ate them.
But Tiger still has bad yam dreams: Ticky-Picky-Boom-Boom!

~ 28. King Tiger and Anansi ~
King Tiger had a golden stool and four metal stools. Anyone who counted all the stools would fall down dead, but the animals didn't know that.
"Win the golden stool!" Tiger said. "Just count the other stools. That's all you need to do!"
Puss came and counted: "One, two, three, four, five."
Puss fell down dead. Tiger ate her.
Then Rabbit, Dog, Monkey, the same.
Anansi came.
"One, two three, four," Anansi said, "and one more!"
Tiger got angry. "That's not how to count!" he shouted. "This is how you count: One, two, three, four, five!"
Tiger fell down dead.

~ 29. Anansi, Tiger, and Snake ~
"All the stories will be yours if you can catch Snake alive and bring him here," Tiger told Anansi.
So Anansi went to see Snake. He stared hard at Snake until Snake asked, "What are you staring at?"
"Tiger said you weren't as long as this stick!" Anansi waved a stick at Snake. "But I said you were. You're the longest animal, so you must be longer than this stick."
"Yessssss!" said Snake. "I'll show you!"
Snake slithered up against the stick.
Then Anansi tied Snake tight and took him to Tiger.
"Now all the stories are mine!" Anansi shouted.

~ 30. Anansi and the Hornets ~
"All the stories will be yours if you bring me hornets in a gourd," Tiger told Anansi.
Anansi knew just what to do.
He cut a hole in a gourd.
He filled a bowl with water.
Then he found a swarm of hornets and threw water on them.
Holding the bowl over his head like an umbrella, Anansi shouted, "It's raining! Only fools stay out in the rain. Come hide inside this nice dry gourd."
Once the hornets were in the gourd, Anansi plugged the hole and took the gourd to Tiger.
"Now all the stories are mine!" he shouted.

~ 31. Anansi and the Queen-Bee ~
"All the stories will be yours if you bring me bees in a gourd," Tiger told Anansi.
Anansi took a gourd and went into the woods, muttering.
Queen-Bee asked, "What's wrong, Anansi?"
"I made a bet with Tiger about how many bees this gourd can hold," said Anansi. "But I don't know the answer."
"I don't know either!" said Queen-Bee. "Let's find out. You can count us!"
Then all the bees followed their queen, buzz-buzz-buzzing into Anansi's gourd.
When the gourd was full, he sealed the hole.
"I've got you now!" he shouted, and he took the bees to Tiger.

~ 32. Anansi and the Honey ~
Anansi was eating honey.
"What's that?" Tiger asked him.
"Monkey piss!" said Anansi, smiling. "Try it!"
Tiger tasted the honey. "Monkey piss is sweet!"
Tiger ran to catch Monkey, and Anansi went along to watch.
Tiger grabbed Monkey around the neck with one hand, and he held out his other hand.
"Piss in my hand!" Tiger roared at Monkey.
Monkey obeyed, and Tiger drank the piss.
"Ugh! That's not sweet at all!'
Anansi shouted at Tiger. "Don't squeeze so tight! Loosen your grip, and Monkey's piss will be sweet."
Tiger loosened his grip, and Monkey ran away.
Anansi just laughed.

~ 33. Anansi and Tiger Take a Bath ~
Anansi and Tiger went to the river.
"Take out your guts before your bath!" Anansi told Tiger, and Tiger did.
Then Anansi ate Tiger's guts while Tiger took a bath.
"Where are my guts?" shouted Tiger.
"The monkeys took your guts to Monkey-Town," said Anansi.
Tiger ran to Monkey-Town, and the monkeys were all singing: "All the monkeys swallowed them up! We ate Mister Tiger's guts!"
Tiger got mad and started killing the monkeys, but then one of the monkeys shouted, "Hey! It's just a song. Anansi taught us this song yesterday."
So Tiger knew Anansi had tricked him again.

~ 34. Anansi, Monkey and Tiger ~
Anansi and Monkey were friends.
"How many tricks do you know?" Anansi asked.
"I know plenty of tricks!" said Monkey.
"I know two," said Anansi. "One for me, and one for you."
They found Tiger in a hole.
"Lower your tail!" said Anansi, and Monkey lowered his tail.
Tiger climbed out. "Now I'm going to eat you, Monkey!" Tiger said, and he grabbed Monkey.
Anansi laughed. "Are you happy about eating Monkey?"
"Yes, I am!" roared Tiger.
"I'm happy too," said Anansi. "Let's clap our hands for joy!"
Anansi clapped his hands.
Tiger clapped his hands.
That's how Monkey escaped!

~ 35. Anansi Owes Monkey Money ~
Anansi owed Monkey money.
When Monkey came to collect, he beat Anansi.
Next day Monkey came and beat Anansi again.
Anansi told his mother, "Build a fire, put me in a pot, and hide me in the ashes."
But Monkey was a witch who saw hidden things, and he found Anansi in the ashes. He beat Anansi again.
A witch-woman gave Anansi a magic rope.
Anansi climbed the magic rope.
Monkey climbed up the rope after him.
Anansi yelled, "Rope: be cut!"
Monkey fell down and broke his neck.
Then Anansi yelled, "Rope: be tied!" and he climbed back down.

~ 36. Anansi's Pot of Water ~
Anansi went to Monkey-Country, carrying a big pot.
He put a pot of water on the fire, and Monkey came to watch.
"Warm water feels good!" said Anansi. "When it gets too hot, say "Bunya!" and I'll pull you out. Like this!"
Anansi got in the pot. "Feels good!" Then after a while he said, "Bunya!" and Monkey pulled him out.
"Now you!" said Anansi.
Monkey got in. "Feels good!" he said. Then after a while he said, "Bunya!"
"No bunya yet!" said Anansi.
"Bunya!" yelled Monkey.
"No bunya yet!" said Anansi.
Then when Monkey was cooked, Anansi ate him.

~ 37. Anansi's Christening Oven ~
Anansi went to Monkey-Country. "I'm here to christen you," he said, "and this is my christening oven. I'll show you!"
Anansi lit the fire.
"I'll get in, you close the door, and when I shout "Christened!" you let me out."
Anansi got it, and the Monkeys shut the oven door. Then Anansi shouted "Christened!" and they let him out.
"Now you!" he said to the Monkeys.
The Monkeys got in, and Anansi shut the oven door.
"Christened!" they yelled.
"Not christened yet!" said Anansi.
"CHRISTENED!" they yelled.
"Not christened yet!" said Anansi.
Then Anansi ate up all the roasted Monkeys.

~ 38. Monkey Wears Anansi's New Suit ~
Monkey used to be elegant and refined. Elegant speech. Refined manners.
All the animals respected Monkey for his sophistication.
That made Anansi jealous.
So Anansi got a fancy new suit and filled it with ants.
"Monkey!" Anansi shouted. "You know all about sophisticated fashion. Will this suit look good on me?"
"What a fine suit!" said Monkey. "I'll be glad to model it for you, Anansi."
Monkey put on the suit, and immediately he started twitching and scratching, jumping up and down, rolling on the ground: ants were biting Monkey all over!
And Monkey has been acting foolish ever since.

~ 39. Anansi Arranges a Funeral ~
Anansi and his wife sat under a tree.
Monkey was in the tree, secretly listening.
"We need fresh meat!" said Anansi. "I'll take a barrel, wrap it in a sheet, and call everybody to the funeral."
Sheep, Coat, Hog, Monkey all came, and Cow was the minister.
Everybody went inside to pay their respects, but Monkey refused.
"I'm feeling too much grief," said Monkey.
So Anansi went in.
Then he locked the door from the inside.
Cow sang a hymn.
"I don't like that hymn!" Anansi shouted, and he killed all the animals with his machete.
Monkey sat outside, laughing.

~ 40. Anansi and the Yam-Hills ~
Anansi dug five yam-hills, but saying the number five was bad luck. Anybody who said "five" dropped down dead.
So Anansi decided to play a trick.
He sat beside his yam-field, weeping.
Hog walked by. "What's wrong?" Hog asked.
"I can't count my yam-hills," said Anansi.
"You fool!" said Hog. "I'll count: one-two-three-four-five."
When Hog said "five" he dropped down dead.
Anansi ate him.
Goat too. Dog. Cow.
Then Monkey came.
"One-two-three-four," Monkey said, "plus one more!"
"You fool!" shouted Anansi. "Can't you count? It goes like this: one-two-three-four-five!"
When Anansi said five, he fell down dead.
Monkey ate him.

~ 41. Anansi and Fling-a-Mile ~
Anansi stuck his hand in a hole.
The hole said, "I'm Fling-a-Mile!" Then he flung Anansi one mile.
"Excellent!" said Anansi, and he put sharp stakes where he fell.
Then he led Hog to the hole. "Put your hand in!" Anansi said.
Fling-a-Mile flung Hog; Hog got impaled on a stake.
"I'll eat Hog later!" said Anansi, happily.
Next Goat.
Then Dog.
Monkey watched what Anansi did.
Then Anansi led Monkey to the hole.
"Look!" Monkey shouted. "There's gold in the hole!"
Greedy Anansi reached for the gold.
Flung-a-Mile flung Anansi and he got impaled on a stake.
Monkey laughed.

~ 42. Anansi and the Tree Branches ~
Tiger and Monkey were chasing Anansi.
"Help me, Banana-Tree!" shouted Anansi.
"Take this fiber!" said Banana-Tree.
Anansi climbed another tree, and made a fiber bridge between two branches. Anansi balanced on the fiber, but Monkey and Tiger were too heavy; they had to stay on the branches.
Everybody got hungry.
So Tiger stood guard while Monkey went to eat, and Monkey did the same for Tiger.
Anansi was starving!
Then he saw a fly, and he used the fiber strings to weave a web and catch that fly.
Tiger and Monkey finally gave up.
And that's how Anansi started weaving!

~ 43. The Tiger Family, Lion, and Anansi ~
Tiger stole cattle at night.
One night, by accident, he grabbed Lion, thinking it was a cow.
"That's not a cow!" screamed Mrs. Tiger. "That's Lion!"
Anansi sat on the roof watching.
"Come up here!" Anansi shouted to the Tiger family.
But they were too heavy; one by one they slid off the roof and Lion ate them.
"You next, Anansi!" shouted Lion.
"I'm so big my fall will crack the earth! Pull up that pot for me to land in."
The pot held Mrs. Tiger's pepper sauce!
Anansi splashed down.
The pepper sauce blinded Lion, and Anansi got away.

~ 44. Anansi's Knife and Fork ~
Anansi was in trouble again.
The master tied him up and went to get a whip.
Lion came by. "Who tied you up?" he asked.
"Master told me to use a knife and fork," said Anansi, "but I don't know how. He's bringing some food and he's going to make me use a knife and a fork."
"I can use a knife and fork!" shouted Lion. "I'll eat the food!"
So Lion untied Anansi, and Anansi tied Lion.
Then the master came back and he started whipping Lion.
"Wait!" shouted Lion. "Where's my food?"
The master whipped Lion some more.

~ 45. Anansi and Lion Play a Game ~
Lion had stolen Anansi's fish, and Anansi wanted revenge.
"Let's play a game!" said Anansi to Lion. "We'll tie each other to a tree. Here's some string; you tie me first."
Anansi gave Lion some thread, and Lion tied Anansi to the tree.
Anansi easily broke the thread and got free.
Lion laughed. "This was fun! Now you tie me."
Anansi got out a big thick rope and tied Lion to the tree.
Lion struggled with all his strength but he couldn't break free.
Anansi laughed. "This is fun!"
Then he beat Lion with a stick and left him there.

~ 46. Baby Anansi at the Lion's Feast ~
After Anansi tied Lion to a tree, a woman found Lion and freed him.
The grateful Lion invited her to a feast.
Anansi wanted to go too. "Take me with you!" he said, and he turned himself into a baby.
The woman brought the baby to Lion's house, and the baby ate more than anybody else.
Lion got suspicious, so he followed the woman, but Anansi turned himself into an old man.
"Which way did the woman and her baby go?" Lion asked the old man.
"That way!" said Anansi, pointing the wrong way.
Lion ran off, and Anansi laughed.

~ 47. Anansi, Lion and the Rain-Charm ~
Anansi brought food to Lion every day, but Lion was so hungry one day that he couldn't wait. He went to Anansi's house and ate Anansi's mother!
That made Anansi mad.
Anansi wanted revenge on Lion. "We need to do a charm to bring rain," he said to Lion. "Come with me to the crossroads."
At the crossroads, Anansi pounded nails between his own fingers. "That's the charm," he said to Lion. "Now I'll nail you."
When Anansi nailed Lion he pounded the nails straight into Lion's fingers and toes. Lion screamed, but he was trapped.
That was Anansi's revenge!

~ 48. Anansi, Lion, and the Donkey-Cart ~
Anansi and Lion bought supplies in town.
They were almost home when Anansi said, "I forgot molasses! You go back and get it. I'll drive the cart home!"
When Lion was gone, Anansi hid the cart and donkey in the bushes. Next, he cut off the donkey's tail. Then he buried the tail sticking straight up out of the ground.
When Lion came back, Anansi shouted, "The donkey ran underground! Grab the tail before he gets away!"
Lion grabbed the tail and pulled.
"Oh no!" groaned Lion. "I pulled the donkey's tail off! Now we'll never get the cart back."

~ 49. Anansi Finds Lion in the Road ~
Lion played dead in the road.
Anansi found him and carried him home to eat.
"Look at this!" Anansi shouted. "Lion's dead!"
Anansi's wife shook Lion's tail; Lion shivered.
"Lion's not dead!" she shouted.
"Yes, he is!" shouted Anansi.
Next, Anansi's wife pulled Lion's paw.
"Lion's not dead!" she shouted.
"Yes, he is!" Anansi shouted.
Then Anansi's wife saw Lion's eyes were open.
"Lion's not dead!" she shouted.
"ROAR!" yelled Lion.
"RUN!" yelled Anansi.
They ran to the rafters.
Anansi's wife fell down; Lion ate her.
Anansi jumped out the window and set the house on fire... with Lion inside!

~ 50. Anansi and Goat's Plantains ~
Anansi stole the plantains from Goat's plantain-tree.
"Baaa-a-a, where are my plantains?" yelled Goat.
Goat ran to Anansi's house.
Anansi and his family hid on the rooftop.
One child slid off.
Goat caught the child, killed him, and stuffed him in a sack.
"Baaa-a-a, he's my plantain now!"
One by one the children all slid off.
Then Mrs. Anansi slid off.
"Baaa-a-a, they're all my plantains now!" said Goat. "You next, Anansi!"
"Make an ash-heap I can fall on," said Anansi. "Then I'll slide off."
Goat heaped up ashes.
Anansi fell.
Ashes scattered everywhere!
Goat couldn't see, and Anansi escaped.