Classic Literature and Racism

This video has some really good solutions for critically engaging with the racism in works of literature. Grace Lin makes a connection between racism expressed by an out-of-touch but beloved family member and the racism that you will often find in classic stories, and also in old movies, TV shows, etc. etc.

The Original Bluetooth

I learned about this at Twitter

Find out more at the Wikipedia Bluetooth article: The Bluetooth logo is a bind rune merging the Younger Futhark runes (Hagall) (ᚼ) and (Bjarkan) (ᛒ), Harald's initials.

The Brick Testament

There is a lot of amazing Lego culture out there both at YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet, and I wanted to share this amazing thing: The Brick Testament. It is the Bible, book by book, with Lego illustrations.

For example, here is the table of contents for the Book of Exodus, and here they are melting the gold to make the golden calf:

And here is the golden calf:

And of course while all of that is going on, Moses is receiving the tablets with the Ten Commandments:

Midas and Medusa

There are a lot of Medusa cartoons out there, and this one by Scott Hilburn is one of my favorites: it combines Medusa, who could turn people to stone, with King Midas, whose "golden touch" turned things and people into solid gold. It is indeed a "very brief affair," but how sweet that you can see Midas brought her some flowers for their first date! :-)

The Myth of the Missing Half

Here is an animation of a creation myth told by Aristophanes, the Greek comic playwright, inside the philosophical dialogue by Plato known as The Symposium: The Myth of the Missing Half. This myth is also the subject of a beautiful song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. You can read more about the Platonic dialogue at Wikipedia.