Brer Rabbit: The Briar Patch

After Brer Fox trapped Brer Rabbit by using the Tar Baby (story), he said, "I've got you now, Brer Rabbit, and I'm going to barbecue you for my supper."

"Why, thank you kindly!" Brer Rabbit exclaimed. "Barbecue does sound good. Just so long as you don't throw me into the briar patch there!"

"I don't mean I'm inviting you for barbecue," Brer Fox explained. "I mean YOU will be the barbecue. I'm going to cook you and then eat you all up!"

"Yes, Brer Fox, I understand," Brer Rabbit replied, "and I've heard you make a mighty fine barbecue sauce indeed. Anything sounds good compared to the briar patch over there!"

Now Brer Fox was curious. "What briar patch?" he asked.

"Over there," Brer Rabbit said, pointing with his head because his paws were still stuck to the Tar Baby. "Sharpest thorns I have ever seen in any briar patch anywhere!"

"Well," Brer Fox slowly said, "I had barbecue last night, now that I think about it. Maybe I will have to throw you in that briar patch after all."

"Oh no!" screamed Brer Rabbit. "No! Please don't throw me over there in the briar patch, Brer Fox! I'm begging you!"

Brer Fox then grinned an evil grin and pulled Brer Rabbit off the Tar Baby. Using all his strength, he tossed the rabbit straight into the briar patch and waited to hear Brer Rabbit's squeals of pain, but he heard nothing. Silence.

Then Brer Rabbit stuck his head up from inside the briar patch and shouted, "You must have forgotten, Brer Fox, that I was born and bred in the briar patch! Finest place for a rabbit that there ever could be!" With those words, he scampered off, happy to have escaped from both Brer Fox and the Tar Baby.

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