Brer Rabbit: The Wolf and the Basket

Brer Wolf was always trying to catch Brer Rabbit, but the rabbit was just too fast. A trick was clearly called for, so the wolf got a big basket and filled it with the kind of grass Brer Rabbit liked most to eat. Then he placed the basket in the  road and hid himself inside the basket, under the grass.

When Brer Rabbit came sauntering along, he couldn't help but notice the basket. Being a curious rabbit, he couldn't help but open the lid. Then he saw the grass. "That grass is just what a hungry rabbit needs!" he said as he hopped inside.

Brer Wolf immediately reached his paws out and grabbed the rabbit, but Brer Rabbit just laughed. "Brer Wolf," he chortled, "I knew you were in here, of course. I wanted to surprise you!"

"You are going to be surprised," replied Brer Wolf, "when I eat you for supper."

The wolf then jumped out of the basket, squeezing Brer Rabbit so tightly by the throat that he could barely breathe. "Brer Wolf," squeaked the rabbit, "it is an honor to be eaten by you, truly. My only request is that you please be polite."

"I am very polite!" howled the wolf. "Who says I am not polite?"

"And you always say grace before supper, just like I do, I'm sure," said the rabbit kindly. "I fold my paws, close my eyes, bend down my head, and offer up a prayer of thanks."

Not wanting to seem impolite, Brer Wolf put down the rabbit, folded his paws, closed his eyes, bent his head, and said a prayer. Then, when he looked up . . . he saw Brer Rabbit disappearing into the woods by the side of the road, running even more quickly than usual!

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