Brer Rabbit: The Lion and the Hurricane

One day Brer Rabbit was hopping through the woods when a great wind started to blow. Brer Rabbit was busy watching the leaves swirling around in the wind and didn't notice that he was about to run right into a lion.

Then Brer Lion roared!

Brer Rabbit jumped way up the air, but as soon as his feet hit the ground, he knew what he had to do.

"Run, Brer Lion, run for your life! Can't you tell there's a hurricane coming?"

Brer Lion was an old lion, and he was also rather fat. "Brer Rabbit," he said, "I'm too old and fat to run so fast. Can you tell me what to do to survive the hurricane?"

"Well," said Brer Rabbit, "you better lie down and get close to the ground."

"The wind would pick me up and just carry me away," wailed the lion.

"Then hug tight to a tree," Brer Rabbit told him.

Brer Lion hugged as tight as he could to a tree. "It's not good enough, Brer Rabbit! Save me from the hurricane!"

"Well, I'll just have to tie you to that tree," said Brer Rabbit as he picked some stout vines up off the ground and wrapped them tight around the lion, binding him to the tree.

"Thank you, Brer Rabbit," said the lion, "thank you kindly."

After a few moments, Brer Lion said, "I don't feel any wind."

"Me neither," said the rabbit.

Then the lion said,  "I don't feel any hurricane coming."

"Me neither," said the rabbit.

"SO UNTIE ME!" roared the lion.

"I'm in somewhat of a hurry just now, Brer Lion," replied the rabbit, "but I'm sure someone will release you, sooner or later! Meanwhile, steer clear of those hurricanes!"

With those words, Brer Rabbit scampered off into the woods, remembering this time to watch where he was going!

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