Myth-Folklore Book: Folk-Tales of the Khasis

This book is part of the Khasi Folktales unit.

Folk-Tales of the Khasis by Mrs. K. U. Rafy (1920).

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Complete table of contents:
  1. What makes the Eclipse: text
  2. The Legend of Mount Sophet Bneng: text
  3. How the Peacock got his Beautiful Feathers: text
  4. The Goddess who came to live with Mankind: text
  5. The Formation of the Earth: text
  6. U Raitong (The Khasi Orpheus): text
  7. The Tiger and the Monkeys: text
  8. The Legend of the Iei Tree: text
  9. Hunting the Stag Lapalang: text
  10. The Goddesses Ka Ngot and Ka Iam: text
  11. U Biskurom: text
  12. U Thlen: text
  13. How the Dog came to live with Man: text
  14. The Origin of Betel and Tobacco: text
  15. The Stag and the Snail: text
  16. The Leap of Ka Likai: text
  17. The Shadows on the Moon: text
  18. U Ksuid Tynjang: text
  19. What makes the Lightning: text
  20. The Prohibited Food: text
  21. The Cooing of the Doves: text
  22. How the Colour of the Monkey became Grey: text
  23. Ka Panshandi, the Lazy Tortoise: text
  24. The Idiot and the Hyndet Bread: text
  25. U Ramhah: text
  26. How the Cat came to live with Man: text
  27. How the Fox got his White Breast: text
  28. How the Tiger got his Strength: text
  29. How the Goat came to live with Man: text
  30. How the Ox came to be the Servant of Man: text
  31. The Lost Book: text
  32. The Blessing of the Mendicant: text

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