Nasreddin: Who's to Blame?

Nasreddin and his wife were visiting friends one day and came home late in the evening. When they reached their house, they saw that they had been robbed! The thieves had carried away everything that could be carried away.

Nasreddin's wife sobbed and scolded him. "It is all your fault," she wailed, "because you didn't make sure the house was locked before we left."

The neighbors heard her sobbing and came outside. "Yes, Nasreddin," they said, "it is all your fault! You should have replaced the locks on your doors and windows years ago. We warned you this would happen!"

Complete strangers walking by heard the commotion and added their opinions. "It is all your fault, sir," they said, "not to have employed a watchman."

Nasreddin's wife was now ready to take up the refrain again. "It is all your fault," she began, "because . . ."

"STOP!" Nasreddin shouted, interrupting his wife's accusing words. "Surely I am not the only one who is to blame!"

"Then who is to blame?" the crowd of people demanded.

"What about the thieves?" Nasreddin replied.

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