Project Idea: Brothers Grimm

The fairy tales and folktales collected by the Brothers Grimm are full of surprises: you will find plenty of familiar stories there (but perhaps with some unfamiliar twists and turns), along with many stories you have probably never heard before, including stories that are definitely not suitable for children.

Research Tip: There are four different Grimm units at the UnTextbook, with all the stories listed on this Grimm Index. You can also find different editions of the Brothers Grimm online: the most modern translation online is by Dan Ashliman (he includes the German text also if you read German), along with Grimm's Fairy Tales by Frances Jenkins Olcott, Grimm Household Stories by Lucy Crane, and Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Margaret Hunt. There is even a version of the Grimm Fairy Tales in One-Syllable Words.

Search Tip: The key to a Grimm project is to find a specific type of character (human or animal) that you want to focus on, or some other plot motif (gold, food), or else a theme you want to explore so that you can choose three or four stories from the collection. To help you in focusing, you can do a custom search of the edition at the Sur La Lune website. Just add this to your Google search term: 
So, for example, you can search for any mention of wolf: wolf
Here is any mention of gold: gold

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