Game of Thrones: Seats of Power

I found this delightful graphic thanks to C. B. Watson in OU's Classics Department, who is TheRealDrWatson at Twitter. Game of Thrones is definitely a great frame of reference for pondering mythological themes!

The source is Lapham's Quarterly; click the image for a larger view, and you can see the text below:

You can also click on this image for a larger view:

Curule Chair
Used by: Consuls of the Roman Senate, Julius Caesar, Augustus 
Features: Folding stool, typically made of ivory, armless, curved legs; named after chariot (currus) used to drive magistrates to place of judgment

Stone of Scone
Used by: Every English monarch (except Mary I) at coronation
Features: 336 pounds of yellow sandstone, rectangular shape, Latin cross, iron rings for transport; stolen in 1950 by Scottish nationalists and never returned

Global Concorde Presidential Office Chair
Used by: George W. Bush, Barack Obama
Features: Push-button controls, ergonomic adjustment, available in range of colors, height and depth adjustment, tilt-tension control (with 3-year warranty) 

Ivory Throne
Used by: Queen Victoria
Features: Ivory carvings of plants and animals, green velvet cushions sewn with gold and silver threads, matching footstool

Gunlocke Executive Chair
Used by: John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford 
Features: Ergonomic (designed for JFK’s back pain), black leather upholstery, padded arms, spring suspension, brass-capped cherry wood base, 2-inch rubber wheels (with 12-year warranty)

Used by: Pope Benedict XVI
Features: Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV with bulletproof glass room, hydraulic lift, armored side panels, Vatican coat of arms, personalized license plates

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