Future Planning: Beowulf

I am very happy with the version of Beowulf that I currently have in the UnTextbook, but Beowulf is important enough that I think it might be good to have a second Beowulf unit. That way people who want to read the story twice can do so, comparing two different versions.

The version I currently have is The Story of Beowulf by Strafford Riggs, with illustrations by Henry Pitz (1933).

The version I am thinking of adding is the version of Stories of Beowulf by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall published in 1908 with pictures by J. R. Skelton. It has an audiobook version! The total length of the audio version is 2 hours (LibriVox - Internet Archive). The printed book is available to Hathi Trust, Google Books, and fully digitized at Baldwin Project.

I made a Flickr Album of the images by J. R. Skelton. My favorite image is the one of Beowulf being blasted by the fire-breathing dragon:

Here is the slideshow:

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