Myth-Folklore Book: Japanese Fairy Tales (Ozaki)

This book is part of the Japanese Fairy Tales unit.

Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki, with illustrations by Japanese artists (1905).

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Table of Contents

My Lord Bag of Rice
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
The Story of Urashima Taro, the Fisher Lad
The Farmer and the Badger
The Shinasha, or the South Pointing Carriage
The Adventures of Kintaro, the Golden Boy
The Story of Princess Hase
The Story of the Man Who Did Not Wish To Die
The Bamboo-Cutter and the Moon-Child
The Mirror of Matsuyama
The Goblin of Adachigahara
The Sagacious Monkey and the Boar
The Happy Hunter and the Skillful Fisher
The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees To Flower
The Jelly Fish and the Monkey
The Quarrel of Tee Monkey and the Crab
The White Hare and the Crocodiles
The Story of Prince Yamato Take
Momotaro, or the Story of the Son of a Peach
The Ogre of Rashomon
How an Old Man Lost His Wen
The Stones of Five Colors and the Empress Jokwa

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