Myth-Folklore Book: Europa's Fairy Book

This book is part of the Europa's Fairy Book unit.

Europa's Fairy Book by Joseph Jacobs and illustrated by John Batten (1916).

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Table of Contents

I. Cinder-Maid
II. All Change
III. The King of the Fishes
IV. Scissors
V. Beauty and the Beast
VI. Reynard and Bruin
VII. The Dancing Water, Singing Apple, and Speaking Bird
VIII. The Language of Animals
IX. The Three Soldiers
X. A Dozen at a Blow
XI. The Earl of Cattenborough
XII. The Swan Maidens
XIII. Androcles and the Lion
XIV. Day Dreaming
XV. Keep Cool
XVI. The Master Thief
XVII. The Unseen Bridegroom
XVIII. The Master-Maid
XIX. A Visitor from Paradise
XX. Inside Again
XXI. John the True
XXII. Johnnie and Grizzle
XXIII. The Clever Lass
XXIV. Thumbkin
XV. Snowwhite

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