Myth-Folklore Book: Eastern Stories and Legends

This book is part of the Jataka Tales (Shedlock) unit.

Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L. Shedlock (1920).

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(from the frontispiece of the book)

Full table of contents:
  1. The Hare That Ran Away: text
  2. The Monkey and the Crocodile: text
  3. The Spirit That Lived in a Tree: text
  4. The Hare That Was Not Afraid to Die: text
  5. The Parrot That Fed His Parents: text
  6. The Man Who Worked to Give Alms: text
  7. The King Who Saw the Truth: text
  8. The Bull That Demanded Fair Treatment: text
  9. The Bull That Proved His Gratitude: text
  10. The Horse That Held Out to the End: text
  11. The Monkey That Saved the Herd: text
  12. The Mallard That Asked for Too Much: text
  13. The Merchant Who Overcame All Obstacles: text
  14. The Elephant That Was Honored in Old Age: text
  15. The Faithful Friend: text
  16. The Hawk and the Osprey: text
  17. Grandmother's Golden Dish: text
  18. The Elephant That Spared Life: text
  19. How the Antelope Was Caught: text
  20. The Banyan Deer: text
  21. The Pupil Who Taught His Teacher: text
  22. The Man Who Told a Lie: text
  23. The Crow That Thought It Knew: text
  24. The Judas Tree: text
  25. The River-Fish and the Monkey: text
  26. The Dreamer in the Wood: text
  27. The Rice Measure: text
  28. The Poisonous Trees: text
  29. The Well-Trained Elephant: text
  30. The Wise Physician: text

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