Myth-Folklore Book: Persian Tales

This book is part of the Persian Fairy Tales unit.

Persian Tales, translated by D.L.R. Lorimer and E.O. Lorimer, illustrated by Hilda Roberts (1919).

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The stories in this unit come from Persian Talesa collection of stories translated from the Kermani and Bakhtiari Persian dialects by David Lorimer (1876-1962) and his wife Emily Lorimer (1881-1949), with illustrations by Hilda Roberts. The book was published in 1919. Lorimer was a British military and intelligence officer, born in Scotland, who joined the Indian Army in 1896; in 1903 he entered the Indian Political Service and was assigned to posts throughout Persia and the Middle East. You can read more about his career at the Encyclopedia Iranica and at Wikipedia. You can see some of Lorimer's lantern slides online; below is a photograph that he took of some Bakhtiari women:

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