Tibetan Folk Tales: Storytelling Ideas

You can use any kind of storytelling approach that you want, and there are lots of storytelling strategies here: Storytelling Strategies.

Sometimes it can help to have some prompts to get started, so here are some prompts for various stories in this unit of Tibetan Folk Tales:

Prequels and Sequels:
Bedtime Stories:
Newspaper Style:
  • Imagine that the Handre actually survives its encounter with The Two Little Cats: how would it describe these events to another Handre? 
  • Imagine the rabbit (How the Rabbit Killed the Liontelling the story of his triumph over the lion to another rabbit.
Crime Investigation:
  • Imagine Covetousness as a detective story, where someone has come to investigate the murders and has to figure out the chain of events after the fact.
  • Turn The Story of the Three Hunters into a criminal investigation and/or a courtroom trial.
  • Imagine How the Rabbit Killed the Lion told as gossip among the other animals: what do they think about what the rabbit has done?
  • Tell the story of The Golden Squash as gossip among other people in the neighborhood: how do these events look to an outsider?

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