English Fairy Tales: Storytelling Ideas

You can use any kind of storytelling approach that you want, and there are lots of storytelling strategies here: Storytelling Strategies.

Sometimes it can help to have some prompts to get started, so here are some prompts for various stories in this unit of English Fairy Tales:

Prequels and Sequels: 

  • Write a prequel to Tom Tit Tot: what is the past history of this imp and why does he decide to get involved in this situation?
  • Describe the scene in Binnorie that takes place in the court after the revelation of the harp.

  • Imagine the events of the The Rose-Tree as a series of diary entries in the sister's diary.
  • Tell the story of Binnorie  in the form of diary entries from the harper.
  • Retell The Rose-Tree as a newspaper report of the ongoing crime investigation.
  • Retell Molly Whuppie as a newspaper article in News of the Giants, reporting the death and destruction that took place at the giant's house.
Nursery Rhymes:
Ballads and Songs:
Change in Characters:
  • Retell Mouse and Mouser with characters other than a cat and a mouse - either a different pair of animals, or perhaps a version with human characters.
  • Tell Johnny-Cake with some other food product as the hero, plus a different cast of characters whom the hero runs away from.
  • Tell a version of The Master and His Pupil featuring an OU student and some supernatural book in Bizzell Library.
  • Tell the story of Henny-Penny with human characters on the OU campus instead of animal characters.
Gender Swap:

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