Welsh Fairy Book: Storytelling Ideas

You can use any kind of storytelling approach that you want, and there are lots of storytelling strategies here: Storytelling Strategies.

Sometimes it can help to have some prompts to get started, so here are some prompts for various stories in this unit of Welsh Stories (Thomas):

  • What kind of dreams might Arthur and the knights in Arthur in the Cave be having before and after their sleep is so rudely interrupted by this interloper?
  • Tudur ap Einion might need therapy after these adventures! Imagine him going to see a therapist and sharing his dreams.
Prequels and Sequels:
  • Tell the story of a treasure hunter who seeks - and finds - the treasure Merlin has buried in the story of the Red Dragon; include some elements from the original story in your sequel.
  • Imagine a sequel in which the devil from The Devil's Bridge gets his revenge on Megan (and make sure to start off with a few sentences that explain just why the devil is taking revenge).
New Characters Speak:
  • What if, instead of Merlin giving the prophecy, the Red Dragon spoke up with the prophecy...?
  • What might The Stray Cow tell its companions under the lake about her adventures among the humans?
  • Imagine that the harper recovers his harp from the waters of Bala Lake: what song would the harp make him sing?
  • Compose "The Ballad of Helig's Hollow."
Twist the Plot:
  • Can you imagine a version of The Martyred Hound with a happy ending instead?
  • Imagine a successful version of this story in which the wizard and John Gethin do manage to retrieve the treasure.
  • Imagine that Bala Lake is haunted by these events, and describe a modern visitor's encounter with the ghost(s) of Bala Lake.
  • Imagine that the Lake of Maidens from the story of The Men of Ardudwy is haunted to this day: just what form would that haunting take?

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