God of the Day: Manannan

Manannan is the Celtic "Son of the Sea" (Manannán mac Lir). He is the god of the dead who ferries souls into the otherworld, and he is also a shapeshifter and trickster. You can find out more at Wikipedia.

Manannan is known for his boat Scuabtuinne ("Wave Sweeper"), and he also travels in a chariot pulled by a horse named Enbarr who could travel over land and sea.

His sword is named Fragarach ("The Retaliator"),  and he also possesses one of the cloaks invisibility (féth fíada).

Some say that the Isle of Man was named after Manannan, or vice versa.

And for the strange story of the stolen statue of Manannan, here is a BBC article: The bizarre theft of a Celtic sea god.

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