Project Idea: Cookbook

As a variation on the Food Storybook, you could create a cookbook with three or four recipes about a specific type of food so that each recipe is accompanied by a story OR you could choose three or four recipes from a specific culture, and find a food story to go with each recipe. So, for example, if you wanted to do an Indian cookbook with a recipe for sag paneer, you could find a story about cheese or milk to go with that recipe, and so on; if you wanted to do a Greek cookbook with a recipe for Greek salad with olives, you could do a Greek myth about an olive tree, etc. Likewise, you could find stories where "eating" is the theme (a festival, a homecoming, a wedding feast, etc.), and you could provide a recipe for a food that you decide was on the menu for that event while also telling that story.

Research Tip: For tips on finding specific foods, see the Food Storybook page. For tips on finding foods for a specific cultural tradition, the best way is to browse some books of stories from that culture that you find at the Freebookapalooza, using the Hathi Trust or Internet Archive edition of each book to do a search-inside-the-book to see what you can find. If you are having trouble locating good stories about the foods or feasts you are interested in, let me know and I will be glad to help!

Greek vase: harvesting olives, circa 520 BC

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