Project Idea: Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is a medieval Storybook, the sort of thing you might create for this class if you had more than just a semester: in the frametale, Chaucer tells us about the pilgrims on their way to Canterbury, and they have a storytelling contest along the way. You could retell those stories in your own way, or invent your own pilgrims on their own pilgrimage (where...?) who also have a storytelling contest.

Research Tip: You can start with the Canterbury Tales unit at the UnTextbook, and then take a look at these books online: The Chaucer Story Book by Eva March Tappan and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales translated by Tony Kline. Wikipedia has a good background article on The Canterbury Tales, and each of the tales has its own article: The Wife of Bath's Tale, The Nun's Priest's Tale, etc.

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