Legonauts: Juno and Jupiter in Outer Space

The Roman gods gave their names to the planets, and now Juno and Jupiter are in outer space, along with Galileo... you can read about them in this article at Atlas Obscura: Galileo Finally Made It to Jupiter (In Lego Form, at Least).

These three Lego figures (made out of aluminum) traveled on an unmanned NASA probe to the planet Jupiter. The probe was launched in 2011, and after five years, it finally reached Jupiter this year; if all goes well, it will be orbiting the planet until a planned crash landing in 2018. You can read more about the Juno Probe at Wikipedia, and you can follow the mission at Twitter

This image shows just Jupiter and Juno; he holds a lightning bolt, while Juno has a magnifying glass, which, as NASA explains, symbolizes her search for truth:

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