Wikipedia Trail: From The Isle of Man to the Dictionary of the Khazars

I was struck by the image on the cover of Moore's Folklore of the Isle of Man, and at Wikipedia I learned that it is their flag!

So, that's where I started my Wikipedia trail:

Flag of the Isle of Man. The note with the image explains that the image in the flag is called a triskelion. That's what I need to look up next!

Triskelion. This is a design that has three interlocked spirals or bent legs (like in the flag). It is not just the symbol of the Isle of Man, but also Sicily. The article gives ancient and modern examples from Europe and Asia too. It is also a Kumyk symbol, so I need to look that up next.

Kumyk People. The Kumyks are a Turkic people who live in the Republic of Dagestan in Russia. And apparently some people think the Kumyks are descendants of the Khazars, which definitely got my attention, so I clicked through to that article.

Khazars. The medieval Khazar kingdom was one of the most powerful states on the Silk Road. The article includes a discussion of the King of the Khazars and their mass conversion to Judaism, which is how I know about the Khazars: that legendary conversion is a big theme in Milorad Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars, one of my favorite books!

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