Book Illustrator Warwick Goble: Pentameron (11-20)

This is a follow-up to a previous post: Book Illustrator Warwick Goble: Pentameron (1-10).

11. The Prince appearing to Nella (not in color for some reason in this Hathi book, but it is in color at Sur La Lune) ... in The Three Sisters (text)

12. Violet and the Prince in the Garden ... from Violet (text)

13. The King and Princess receiving Pippo at Court ... from Pippo (text)

14. Grannonia and the Fox ... from The Serpent (text); see also Wikipedia.

15. Preziosa in the Garden ... from The She-Bear (text); see also Wikipedia.

16. The Prince and Filadoro with the Snails ... from The Dove (text); see also Wikipedia.

17. Cannetella released from the Cask ... from Cannetella (text); see also Wikipedia.

18. Corvetto escaping with the Ogre’s Tapestry ... from Corvetto (text); see also Wikipedia.

19. The Royal Proclamation ... from The Booby (text)

20. Minecco Aniello meeting the Magicians ... from The Stone in the Cock's Head (text)

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