Book Illustrator Warwick Goble: Pentameron (1-10)

One of my favorite book illustrators is Warwick Goble, and I was excited to find his illustrated Pentameron at Hathi Trust. Here are the images that are contained in the book: beautiful! Click on the images for a larger view:

1. The Prince and Zoza, with the Story-Tellers... in How the Tales came to be told (text)

2. The Fairy appearing to the Prince ... in The Myrtle (text); see also Wikipedia.

3. Vastolla and Peruonto approaching the Ship... in Peruonto (text); see also Wikipedia.

4. Vardiello with the Cloth ... in Vardiello (text)

5. The Princess as the Ogre’s Bride ... in The Flea (text); see also Wikipedia.

6. The Fairy appearing to the Prince in the Grotto (not in color for some reason in this Hathi book, but it is in color at Sur La Lune) ... in Cenerentola (text); see also Wikipedia.

7. The Two Courtiers presenting Cienzo to the King ... in The Merchant (text); see also Wikipedia.

8. The Lizard showing Goat-Face the Palace... in Goat-Face (text); see also Wikipedia.

9. Fenicia and the Two Brothers... in The Enchanted Doe (text); see also Wikipedia.

10. The Prince and Parsley looking for the Gall-Nuts... in Parsley (text); see also Wikipedia.

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