Eastern Stories in La Fontaine

The following is a list of the Indian fables in Books 7-12 of La Fontaine's fables; the translation is by Elizur Wright:

  • 7.1. The Animals Sick of the Plague: text
  • 7.16. The Cat, the Weasel, and the Young Rabbit: text
  • 8.10. The Bear and the Amateur Gardener: text
  • 8.11. The Two Friends: text
  • 8.21. The Falcon and the Capon: text
  • 8.22. The Cat and the Rat: text
  • 8.27. The Wolf and the Hunter: text
  • 9.1 The Faithless Depositary: text
  • 9.2. The Two Doves: text
  • 9.7. The Mouse Metamorphosed Into A Maid: text
  • 9.15. The Husband, the Wife, and the Thief: text
  • 10.2. The Man and the Adder: text
  • 10.3. The Tortoise and the Two Ducks: text
  • 10.4. The Fishes and the Cormorant: text
  • 10.10. The Shepherd and the King: text
  • 10.12. The Two Parrots, the King, And His Son: text
  • 10.14. The Two Adventurers and the Talisman: text
  • 10.16. The Merchant, the Noble, the Shepherd, and the King's Son: text
  • 11.1 The Lion: text
  • 12.12. The King, the Kite, and the Falconer: text
  • 12.15. The Raven, the Gazelle, the Tortoise, and the Rat: text

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