Myth-Folklore Book: Folk-Tales of Bengal

This book is part of the Bengal Folk Tales unit.

Folk-Tales of Bengal by the Rev. Lal Behari Day, with illustrations by Warwick Goble (1912).

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Complete table of contents:
  1. Life's Secret: text
  2. Phakir Chand: text
  3. The Indigent Brahman: text
  4. The Story of the Rakshasas: text
  5. The Story of Swet-Basanta: text
  6. The Evil Eye of Sani: text
  7. The Boy whom Seven Mothers suckled: text
  8. The Story of Prince Sobur: text
  9. The Origin of Opium: text
  10. Strike but Hear: text
  11. The Adventures of Two Thieves and of their Sons: text
  12. The Ghost-Brahman: text
  13. The Man who wished to be Perfect: text
  14. A Ghostly Wife: text
  15. The Story of a Brahmadaitya: text
  16. The Story of a Hiraman: text
  17. The Origin of Rubies: text
  18. The Match-making Jackal: text
  19. The Boy with the Moon on his Forehead: text
  20. The Ghost who was Afraid of being Bagged: text
  21. The Field of Bones: text
  22. The Bald Wife: text

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