Myth-Folklore Book: Folklore of the Santal Parganas

This book is part of the Santal Folktales unit.

Folklore of the Santal Parganas by Cecil Henry Bompas (1909).

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(Santal woman and child,
photo by Biplob Rahman)

Complete table of contents:
  1. Bajun and Jhore: text
  2. Anuwa and His Mother: text
  3. Ledha and the Leopard: text
  4. The Cruel Stepmother: text
  5. Karmu and Dharmu: text
  6. The Jealous Stepmother: text
  7. The Pious Woman: text
  8. The Wise Daughter-in-Law: text
  9. The Oilman and His Sons: text
  10. The Girl Who Found Helpers: text
  11. How to Grow Rich: text
  12. The Changed Calf: text
  13. The Koeri and the Barber: text
  14. The Prince Who Acquired Wisdom: text
  15. The Monkey Boy: text
  16. The Miser's Servant: text
  17. Kuwar and the Raja's Daughter: text
  18. The Laughing Fish: text
  19. How the Cowherd Found a Bride: text
  20. Kara and Guja: text
  21. The Magic Cow: text
  22. Lita and His Animals: text
  23. The Boy Who Found His Father: text
  24. The Oilman's Bullock: text
  25. How Sabai Grass Grew: text
  26. The Merchant's Son and the Raja's Daughter: text
  27. The Flycatcher's Egg: text
  28. The Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten: text
  29. Sahde Goala: text
  30. The Raja's Son and the Merchant's Son: text
  31. The Poor Widow: text
  32. The Monkey and the Girl: text
  33. Ramai and the Animals: text
  34. The Magic Bedstead: text
  35. The Ghormuhas: text
  36. The Boy Who Learnt Magic: text
  37. The Charitable Jogi: text
  38. Chote and Mote: text
  39. The Daydreamer: text
  40. The Extortionate Sentry: text
  41. The Broken Friendship: text
  42. A Story Told By a Hindoo: text
  43. The Raibar and the Leopard: text
  44. The Ungrateful Snake: text
  45. The Tiger's Bride: text
  46. The Killing of the Tiger: text
  47. The Dream: text
  48. The King of the Bhuyans: text
  49. The Foolish Sons: text
  50. Kora and His Sister: text
  51. A Story on Caste: text
  52. Tipi and Tepa: text
  53. The Child With the Ears of the Ox: text
  54. The Child Who Knew His Father: text
  55. Jogeshwar's Marriage: text
  56. The Strong Man: text
  57. The Raja's Advice: text
  58. The Four Jogis: text
  59. The Charitable Raja: text
  60. A Variant.—The Wandering Raja: text
  61. The Two Wives: text
  62. Spanling and His Uncles: text
  63. The Silent Wife: text
  64. The Dumb Shepherd: text
  65. The Good Daughter-in-Law: text
  66. The Raja's Dream: text
  67. The Mongoose Boy: text
  68. The Stolen Treasure: text
  69. Dukhu and His Bonga Wife: text
  70. The Monkey Husband: text
  71. Lakhan and the Wild Buffaloes: text
  72. The Boy with the Stag: text
  73. The Seven Brothers and the Bonga Girl: text
  74. The Tiger's Foster Child: text
  75. The Caterpillar Boy: text
  76. The Monkey Nursemaid: text
  77. The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret: text
  78. Sit and Lakhan: text
  79. The Raja Who went to Heaven: text
  80. Seven Tricks and Single Trick: text
  81. Fuljhari Raja: text
  82. The Corpse of the Raja's Son: text
  83. The Sham Child: text
  84. The Sons of the Kherohuri Raja: text
  85. The Dog Bride: text
  86. Wealth or Wisdom: text
  87. A Goala and the Cow: text
  88. The Telltale Wife: text
  89. The Bridegroom Who Spoke in Riddles: text
  90. The Lazy Man: text
  91. Another Lazy Man: text
  92. The Widow's Son: text
  93. The Boy Who Was Changed Into a Dog: text
  94. Birluri and Birbanta: text
  95. The Killing of the Rakhas: text
  96. The Children of the Vultures: text
  97. The Ferryman: text
  98. Catching a Thief: text
  99. The Grasping Raja: text
  100. The Prince Who Would Not Marry: text
  101. The Prince Who Found Two Wives: text
  102. The Unfaithful Wife: text
  103. The Industrious Bride: text
  104. The Boy and His Fate: text
  105. The Messengers of Death: text
  106. The Speaking Crab: text
  107. The Leopard Outwitted: text
  108. The Wind and the Sun: text
  109. The Coldest Season: text
  110. The Jackal and the Crow: text
  111. The Tiger Cub and the Calf: text
  112. The Jackal and the Chickens: text
  113. The Jackal Punished: text
  114. The Tigers and the Cat: text
  115. The Elephants and the Ants: text
  116. A Fox and His Wife: text
  117. The Jackal and the Crocodiles: text
  118. The Bullfrog and the Crab: text
  119. The Hyena Outwitted: text
  120. The Crow and the Egret: text
  121. The Jackal and the Hare: text
  122. The Brave Jackal: text
  123. The Jackal and the Leopards: text
  124. The Fool and His Dinner: text
  125. The Stingy Daughter: text
  126. The Backwards and Forwards Dance: text
  127. The Deaf Family: text
  128. The Father-in-Law's Visit: text
  129. Ramai and Somai: text
  130. The Two Brothers: text
  131. The Three Fools: text
  132. The Cure For Laziness: text
  133. The Brahmin's Powers: text
  134. Ram's Wife: text
  135. Palo: text
  136. The Women's Sacrifice: text
  137. The Thief's Son: text
  138. The Divorce: text
  139. The Father and the Father-in-Law: text
  140. The Reproof: text
  141. Enigmas: text
  142. The Too Particular Wife: text
  143. The Paharia Socialists: text
  144. How A Tiger Was Killed: text
  145. The Goala's Daughter: text
  146. The Brahmin's Clothes: text
  147. The Winning of the Bride: text
  148. Marriage With Bongas: text
  149. The Bonga Headman: text
  150. Lakhan and the Bonga: text
  151. The House Bonga: text
  152. The Sarsagun-Maiden: text
  153. The Schoolboy and the Bonga: text
  154. The Bonga's Cave: text
  155. The Bonga's Victim: text
  156. Baijal and the Bonga: text
  157. Ramai and the Bonga: text
  158. The Boundary Bonga: text
  159. The Bonga Exorcised: text
  160. The Beginning of Things: text
  161. Chando and His Wife: text
  162. The Sikhar Raja: text
  163. The Origin of Tobacco: text
  164. The Transmigration of Souls: text
  165. The Next World: text
  166. After Death: text
  167. Hares and Men: text
  168. A Legend: text
  169. Pregnant Women: text
  170. The Influence of the Moon: text
  171. Illegitimate Children: text
  172. The Dead: text
  173. A Hunting Custom: text
  174. Witchcraft: text
  175. Of Dains and Ojhas: text
  176. Initiation Into Witchcraft: text
  177. Witch Craft: text
  178. Witch Stories: text
  179. Witch Stories: text
  180. Witch Stories: text
  181. The Two Witches: text
  182. The Sister-in-Law Who Was a Witch: text
  183. Ramjit Bonga: text
  184. The Herd Boy and the Witches: text
  185. The Man-Tiger: text
  186. The River Snake: text
  187. The Sons of the Tigress: text
  188. The Tiger's Marriage: text
  189. The Jackal and His Neighbours: text
  190. The Jackal and the Tigers: text
  191. The Wild Buffaloes: text
  192. The Grateful Cow: text
  193. The Belbati Princess: text
  194. The Bread Tree: text
  195. The Origin of _Sabai_ Grass: text
  196. The Faithless Sister: text
  197. The Cruel Sisters-in-Law: text
  198. The False Rani: text
  199. The Jackal and the Kite: text
  200. The Sons of the Raban Raja: text
  201. The Potter's Son: text
  202. The Wonderful Cowherd: text
  203. The Strong Prince: text
  204. The Prince Who Became King of the Jackals: text
  205. The Mongoose Boy: text
  206. The Prince and the Tigress: text
  207. The Cunning Potter: text

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