Myth-Folklore Books: Jataka Tales (Babbitt)

This book is part of the Jataka Tales (Babbitt) unit.

Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt, illustrated by Ellsworth Young (1912).

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(includes both of Babbitt's books)

Here is the complete table of contents:
  1. The Monkey and the Crocodile: text
  2. How the Turtle Saved His Own Life: text
  3. The Merchant of Seri: text
  4. The Turtle Who Could n't Stop Talking: text
  5. The Ox Who Won the Forfeit: text
  6. The Sandy Road: text
  7. The Quarrel of the Quails: text
  8. The Measure of Rice: text
  9. The Foolish, Timid Rabbit: text
  10. The Wise and Foolish Merchant: text
  11. The Elephant Girly-face: text
  12. The Banyan Deer: text
  13. The Princes and the Water-Sprite: text
  14. The King's White Elephant: text
  15. The Ox Who Never Envied the Pig: text
  16. Grannie's Blackie: text
  17. The Crab and the Crane: text
  18. Why the Owl Is Not King of the Birds: text

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