Apache: The Animals Race

This story is part of the Apache unit. Story source: Jicarilla Apache Texts edited by Pliny Earle Goddard (1911).


Mole Wins the Race
with Coyote and the Other Animals

All the men congregated to run a race to the border of the world where a pretty girl was living. The one who would get there first would marry her.

They were running, along, Coyote far ahead of all the others. He kept looking back as he ran along. The men were all running one behind the other.

Heron started to run long after the others had set out. He ran by all the others as they were going along a slope, and came where Mole was running throwing a lot of dust over himself.

"Where are you running?" said Heron to Mole.

"We are all running to that girl over there."

"Sit on my back," said Heron to Mole. He lay by Heron's tail who ran with him passing everyone else.

Finally, he came where Coyote was by himself, far ahead of the others. He turned and looked back.

Heron passed by him and coming near the place put Mole down saying to him, "Hurry up now, run." Mole came there.

When Coyote and the other men came running along, Heron said to them, "What are you running for? Mole has already married the girl."

(300 words)

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