Nasreddin: The Melon and the Mulberry

One summer evening, Nasreddin was sitting in his garden. He was feeling very philosophical, reflecting on the grandeur of nature and the mysteries of the universe. As he pondered these great thoughts, he saw a large and beautiful melon growing on a melon vine lying upon the ground. "What a fine fruit that melon is!" he exclaimed.

Then Nasreddin looked up at the mulberry tree in whose shade he was sitting. He saw how small the mulberries were and remarked, "The melon is so large, but the mulberries are so tiny. How much better it would be if the mulberries grew as large as a melon!"

Just at that moment, a mulberry happened to fall on Nasreddin's head, and the unexpected event caused him to experience a profound revelation. "Ah," he exclaimed, "now I understand why the melon is the size of a melon and a mulberry is the size of a mulberry. If a mulberry as big as a melon had fallen on my head, it no doubt would have killed me. How wondrous are the ways of nature indeed, so that everything is just as it should be!"

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