Nasreddin: The Camel Knows

One day Nasreddin  borrowed a camel in order to ride to the next village. The camel's owner warned him that he needed to be careful because the camel was somewhat skittish.

"Have no fear," replied Nasreddin confidently. "I am one of the world's greatest experts when it comes to riding a camel. All will be well!" Nasreddin was embarrassed to admit that he had never ridden a camel in his life.

Things went fine at first, and Nasreddin was enjoying himself very much. "What a fine creature this camel is," he exclaimed, "and what an excellent rider I am!"

All of a sudden, however, a snake in the road frightened the camel, causing the camel to start running away at a full gallop. Someone saw Nasreddin racing by and called out to him, "Nasreddin, where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I haven't the slightest idea," Nasreddin shouted in replied. "You had better ask the camel!"

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