Amy Burvall: Trojan War

Here is one of Amy Burvall's wonderful "History Teacher" mash-up videos. This one is about the Trojan War, and the music is Tainted Love by Soft Cell. Be sure to turn on the captions to get all the lyrics:

In Homer’s epic tale of 
Ancient Greece in order to
Make some peace at a wedding
The handsome Paris had to make a choice
Who was most fair
Of all the goddesses there?
A golden apple they’d receive
And don’t you know he picked Aphrodite!
Then she promised him 
The love of a maiden
The most beautiful woman
From Sparta, her name was Helen
Wife of the King Menelaus, oh!

Trojan War
Trojan War

The Greeks were mad
They gathered all the ships they had
But then the fleet just wouldn’t move
So Agamemnon asked what he could do
To make things right
Diana needed sacrifice
With Agamemnon’s daughter slain
Those Greek ships could sail for Troy again
Ooh, Odysseus
Known for his eloquence
Ambassador to Priam
Demanded Troy return fair Helen
The king refused and that started the war

Trojan War
Trojan War

Hektor was killed
Then Paris shot Achilles’ heel
But the Greeks hid in a wooden horse
And breached those walls of Troy of course!

Trojan War
Trojan War

Face that launched a thousand ships
Talkin’ ‘bout the Trojan War
Face that launched a thousand ships
Talkin’ ‘bout the Trojan War

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