Mourning Dove (Christal Quintasket)

Thanks to a query from a student, I learned that Mourning Dove's book of coyote stories is available online at Hathi Trust: wow! You can read more about Mourning Dove at Wikipedia.

Coyote Stories
by Mourning Dove (Humishuma)
edited and illustrated by Heister Dean Guie,
with notes by L. V. McWhorter (Old Wolf)
and a foreword by Chief Standing Bear,

I. The Spirit Chief Names the Animal People
II. Fox and Coyote and Whale
III. Coyote Fights Some Monsters
IV. Chipmunk and Owl-Woman
V. Coyote and the Buffalo
VI. Why the Flint-Rock Cannot Fight Back
VII. How Turtle Got His Tail
VIII. Why Skunk's Tail Is Black and White
IX. Rattlesnake and Salmon
X. Coyote Meets Wind and Some Others
XI. Why Gartersnake Wears a Green Blanket
XII. Coyote Quarrels With Mole
XIII. How Coyote Happened To Make the Black Moss Food
XIV. Why Spider Has Such Long Legs
XV. Why Badger Is So Humble
XVI. Coyote Juggles His Eyes
XVII. Why Marten's Face Is Wrinkled
XVIII. Crawfish and Grizzly Bear
XIX. Coyote and Wood-Tick
XX. Why Mosquitoes Bite People
XXI. The Gods of the Sun and the Moon
XXII. Porcupine Learns the Sun Dance
XXIII. En-am-tues—The Wishing Stone
XXIV. Chickadee Makes a Shoo'-mesh Bow
XXV. Coyote and Chickadee
XXVI. The Arrow Trail
XXVII. Coyote Imitates Bear and Kingfisher

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