BNA: Wolverene and Rock

This story is part of the British North America unit. Story source: Myths and Legends of British North America by Katharine Berry Judson (1917).

Wolverene and Rock
Eastern Eskimo

WOLVERENE was out walking one day out on a hillside when he came to a large rock. Wolverene asked, "Was it you who was out walking just now?"

"No," said Rock, "I cannot walk."

"Well, I've seen you walking," said Wolverene sharply.

"That isn't true," said Rock.

But Wolverene insisted that it was. He said, "You are the very Rock I have seen out walking."

Wolverene then ran off a little way and jeered at Rock. He shouted, "Catch me if you can!"

Then Wolverene went close to Rock and hit him with his paw. He shouted, "See if you can catch me."

"I can't walk, but I can roll," said Rock, who was very indignant.

"That's just what I wanted," said Wolverene, and he began to run. But Rock began to roll.

Wolverene raced away and Rock tore after him, close to his heels, all down that hillside. Then Wolverene began to jump and leap and Rock rolled faster and faster, touching his heels. Then Wolverene tripped over a stick and fell. Rock rolled right on top of him and stopped there. He stopped rolling.

Wolverene yelled, "Get off of me. You are breaking my bones!"

Rock stayed right there.

Then Wolverene yelled to the Wolves and Foxes to come and save him. They all gathered around Rock and Wolverene.

"How did you get under Rock?" they asked. Wolverene was not a favorite.

Wolverene said, "I dared Rock to run after me, and he rolled."

Then they all said, "It served you right."

But yet they tried to push Rock away. Rock stayed right there. The animals pushed and pushed. Rock did not roll.

Then Wolverene began to shout to his other brother, Thunder and Lightning. In a few minutes, a dark cloud rushed up from the southwest. It made so much noise and was so black that all the Wolves and Foxes ran away. Lightning suddenly drew back and then rushed forward and hit Rock, while Thunder crashed. Lightning knocked Rock into tiny small pieces, but he also tore Wolverene's coat all to pieces.

Wolverene picked himself up and saw that he had no fur at all. He could find only a few bits of his coat so he said sharply to Lightning, "You needn't have torn my coat all to pieces when I only asked you to strike Rock!"

(400 words)

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