Brer Rabbit: Mr. Fox and the Deceitful Frogs

These story comes complete with sound effects, what Uncle Remus calls "Tarrypin talk," "turtle talk." Try reading it out loud to get the full effect: I-doom-er-ker-kum-mer-ker! And Brer Bull-Frog replies: Jug-er-rum-kum-dum. :-)

[Notes by LKG]

This story is part of the Brer Rabbit unit. Story source: Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings by Joel Chandler Harris (1881).

Mr. Fox and the Deceitful Frogs


I-doom-er-ker-kum-mer-ker! I-doom-er-ker-kum mer-ker!

Dat's Tarrypin talk, dat is. I was fetching into my mind what Brother Terrapin say to Brer Fox when he turned him loose in the branch.


Brer Tarrypin wuz at de bottom er de pon', en he talk back, he did, in bubbles —I-doom-er-ker-kum-mer-ker!

Brer Fox, he ain't sayin' nuthin', but Brer Bull-Frog, settin' on de bank, he hear Brer Tarrypin, he did, en he holler back: "Jug-er-rum-kum-dum! Jug-er-rum-kum-dum!'

Den Brer Frog holler out: "Knee-deep! Knee-deep!"

Den ole Brer Bull-Frog, he holler back: "Don'-you-ber-lieve-'im! Don't-you-ber-lieve-'im!"

Den de bubbles come up fum Brer Tarrypin: "I-doom-er-ker-kum- mer-ker!"

Den Brer Frog sing out: "Wade in! Wade in!"

Den ole Brer Bull-Frog talk thoo his ho'seness: "Dar-you'll- fine-yo'-brudder! Dar-you'll-fine-yo'-brudder!"

Sho nuff, Brer Fox look over de bank, he did, en dar wuz n'er Fox lookin' at 'im outer de water.

Den he retch out fer ter shake han's, en in he went, heels over head, en Brer Tarrypin bubble out: "I-doom-er-ker-kum-mer-ker!"

Brer Fox did manage fer ter scramble out, but a little mo' en de Mud Turkle would er got 'im, en den he'd er bin made hash un worl' widout een'.

(400 words)

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