Adam and Eve: Suicide and Salvation

This story is part of the Adam and Eve unit. Story source: The Forgotten Books of Eden, edited by Rutherford H. Platt, Jr. (1926): The First Book of Adam and Eve 19-20 and 21-22.

Suicide and Salvation


XIX. But Adam and Eve wept before God. And Adam said unto Him: "O Lord, when I was in the cave, I said this to Thee, my Lord, that the beasts of the field would rise and devour me, and cut off my life from the earth."

Then Adam, by reason of what had befallen him, smote upon his breast and fell upon the earth like a corpse; then came to him the Word of God, who raised him, and said unto him, "O Adam, not one of these beasts will be able to hurt thee because when I made the beasts and other moving things come to thee in the cave, I did not let the serpent come with them, lest it should rise against you, make you tremble, and the fear of it should fall into your hearts. For I knew that that accursed one is wicked; therefore would I not let it come near you with the other beasts. But now strengthen thy heart and fear not. I am with thee unto the end of the days I have determined on thee."

XX. Then Adam wept and said, "O God, remove us to some other place, that the serpent may not come again near us and rise against us. Lest it find Thy handmaid Eve alone and kill her for its eyes are hideous and evil."

But God said to Adam and Eve, "Henceforth fear not; I will not let it come near you; I have driven it away from you, from this mountain, neither will I leave in it aught to hurt you."

Then Adam and Eve worshipped before God 'and gave Him thanks, and praised Him for having delivered them from death.

XXI. Then Adam and Eve went in search of the garden. And the heat beat like a flame on their faces, and they sweated from the heat, and wept before the Lord. But the place where they wept was nigh unto a high mountain, facing the western gate of the garden.

Then Adam threw himself down from the top of that mountain; his face was tom and his flesh was flayed; much blood flowed from him, and he was nigh unto death.

Meanwhile Eve remained standing on the mountain weeping over him, thus lying. And she said, "I wish not to live after him for all that he did to himself was through me." Then she threw herself after him and was torn and scotched by stones and remained lying as dead.

But the merciful God, who looks upon His creatures, looked upon Adam and Eve as they lay dead, and He sent His Word unto them, and raised them and said to Adam, "O Adam, all this misery which thou hast wrought upon thyself, will not avail against My rule, neither will it alter the covenant of the 5500 years."

XXII. Then Adam said to God, "I wither in the heat; I am faint from walking, and am loth of this world. And I know not when Thou wilt bring me out of it, to rest."

Then the Lord God said unto him, "O Adam, it cannot be at present, not until thou hast ended thy days. Then shall I bring thee out of this wretched land."

And Adam said to God, "While I was in the garden I knew neither heat, nor languor, neither moving about, nor trembling, nor fear, but now since I came to this land, all this affliction has come upon me."

Then God said to Adam,  "So long as thou wast keeping My commandment, My light and My grace rested on thee. But when thou didst transgress My commandment, sorrow and misery befell thee in this land."

And Adam wept and said, "O Lord, do not cut me off for this, neither smite me with heavy plagues, nor yet repay me according to my sin, for we, of our own will, did transgress Thy commandment, and forsook Thy law, and sought to become gods like unto Thee, when Satan the enemy deceived us."

Then God said again unto Adam, "Because thou hast borne fear and trembling in this land, languor and suffering treading and walking about, going upon this mountain, and dying from it, I will take all this upon Myself in order to save thee."

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