Nasreddin: An Act of Charity

Nasreddin knocked on his neighbor's door politely.

"What do you want?" asked the neighbor.

"My dear sir," explained Nasreddin, "I am collecting money to help to relieve a poor man of his debts. Would you be so kind as to contribute to this fund as an act of charity?"

"Why yes," said the man, moved and surprised to see Nasredddin showing such initiative. "And who is this unfortunate man whom we are helping?"

"Me!" replied Nasreddin as he scampered off.

Some weeks later, Nasreddin knocked once again at his neighbor's door.

"What do you want this time?" the neighbor asked. "Is this another act of charity?"

"It is!" said Nasreddin confidently.

"And you are collecting money to relieve a poor man of his debts?" the neighbor continued.

"Yes, I am," Nasreddin replied.

"And are you once again the poor man burdened with debts?" the neighbor inquired.

"No, not this time," Nasreddin insisted.

The neighbor was amazed and also delighted that Nasreddin was truly engaged in an act of charity this time. "Well then," he said, "I am glad to contribute to your worthy cause."

"Thank you, my good sir," said Nasreddin as he pocketed the money.

"And may I ask," the neighbor added, "just who has moved you to embark upon this charitable effort?"

"A man who owes me money!" replied Nasreddin.

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