Nasreddin: What the Donkey Said

One day Nasreddin's neighbor knocked at his door and asked to borrow his donkey.

"Alas," Nasreddin replied kindly, "my brother has already borrowed my donkey today, so I am not able to help you."

Nasreddin, however, was not telling the truth! His brother had not borrowed the donkey. The donkey was in fact standing in the stable at that very moment, doing nothing.

"I understand," said the neighbor. "Thank you for being so agreeable, and I wish you a good day!"

"And a good day to you," said Nasreddin, smiling kindly upon his neighbor.

Then, just as Nasreddin was about to shut the door, the donkey let out a loud braying noise from inside the stable. The neighbor glared at Nasreddin and said angrily, "I thought you said you had loaned the donkey to your brother!"

"Who are you going to believe?" Nasreddin retorted. "Me or the donkey?"

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