Weeks 10-11

During Weeks 10 and 11, you will be choosing from NATIVE AMERICAN reading units. To get a sense of some of the stories that are coming, here's a random image from one of the units (reload to see more). Then, scroll down to learn more about all the options.  Since Week 10 was a break week, you can also choose to carry on with more Native American reading if you want in Week 12 also!

You can browse all the Native American units here: page 1 and page 2. Here are the choices:

Regional Anthologies:
California/Southwest : Stories from Navajo, Pueblo and other tribes, featuring Coyote.
Pacific Northwest: Pacific Northwest stories with a focus on the tribes of Oregon and Washington.
Alaska: Stories from Inuit, Haida & other Alaskan peoples featuring the trickster-hero Raven.
British North America: Tales from Canada, with trickster-heroes Manabozho, Raven & Coyote.
Great Plains: Tales from the Omaha & other Plains tribes, with the tricksters Unktomi and Rabbit.
Mississippi/Great Lakes: Legends of the hero Manabozho plus trickster Rabbit tales from the south.

Specific Tribes:
Apache : Tales of Coyote the trickster and the monster-slaying Apache hero Naiyenesgani.
Cherokee: Tales of the world's origin, the trickster Rabbit, and the great snake-monster Uktena.
Tejas: Nature stories retold for children from the Tejas Caddoan people of east Texas.
Blackfoot: Including the story of Kut-O-Yis, the hero born of blood, plus other Blackfoot tales.
Sioux: Stories told by two Sioux authors, both women, focusing on the trickster Iktomi, Spider.
Inuit (Eskimo): Tales of shamans, ghosts, and other supernatural beings of the polar world.

Literary Retellings:
American Indian Tales: Children's fairy tales based on a19th-century collection of Ojibwa legends.
Hiawatha: Longfellow's epic poem about Hiawatha, son of East Wind and husband of Minnehaha.

Thematic Anthologies:
Hero Tales: Hero legends from the Hupa, Apache, Crow, Cree, and other tribes of North America.
Marriage Tales: Tales of animal brides, animal husbands, and a Zuni Cinderella legend.

You can use Diigo to search for different types of reading:

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