Weeks 3-4

During Week 3 and Week 4, you will be choosing from the CLASSICAL and BIBLICAL units. You can do a Classical in Week 3 and a Biblical unit in Week 4, or Classical units for both weeks, or Biblical units for both weeks — it's up to you. Also, if you want, you can use Week 4 to jump ahead to the Middle East and India: Middle Eastern / Indian reading options.

**NEW TINY TALES: There's a Tiny Tales from Aesop option, with 100-word Aesop's fables available as a free ebook/audiobook for one or two weeks of reading.

To get a sense of some of the stories that are coming, here's a random image from one of the units (reload to see more). Below the random image you will see a list of all the reading options.

Length. The units are all appx. the same length (15,000 words total, divided into two parts: A and B), but the contents are very different, so it's important to take a few minutes to make your choice. Don't just make your decision based on the title of the unit. Instead, take a few minutes to read through the first story and see what you think. If the actual story does not grab you, then try another unit. Here is a complete list of the units with a brief description for each one:

Ancient Greece:
Homer's Iliad: A condensed prose retelling of Homer's Trojan War epic by Alfred Church.
Homer's Odyssey: Tales of Odysseus's wanderings in a prose translation by Tony Kline.
Aesop (Jacobs): A selection of fables edited by Joseph Jacobs, with illustrations by Walter Crane.
Aesop (Winter): Yet more fables (no overlap with Jacobs) as illustrated by Milo Winter.

Ancient Rome:
Ovid's Metamorphoses: Ovid I including Phaethon, Narcissus, and Perseus; Ovid II including Persephone, Niobe, and Medea; Ovid III including Daedalus, Pygmalion, and Hercules.
Cupid and Psyche: Apuleius's elaborate fairy-tale love story in a translation by Tony Kline.

From the Bible:
Bible Women: Stories about women from both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Gospels.
Gospel of Mark: The complete Gospel of Mark (from the King James version of the Bible).

Biblical Stories plus Apocrypha:
Adam and Eve: The Genesis account, plus Jewish legends and Christian apocrypha.
Noah: The Genesis account of both Noah and Babel, plus Jewish legends and folklore.
Infancy Gospels: The Luke and Matthew accounts, plus two apocryphal gospels.

Later Legends:
Women Saints: The lives of famous women saints from the medieval Golden Legend.
Saints and Animals: Modern retellings of the lives of the saints and their "friendly beasts."
Jewish Fairy Tales: A selection of fairy tales inspired by the Bible and other Jewish legends.

Types of Units:

You can also search for specific features based on your personal reading preferences; these links below go to the Diigo catalog where you will find links to the units plus a description:

Units with explanatory NOTESClassicalBiblical
Free AUDIOBOOK versionsClassicalBiblical
Lots of SHORTER storiesClassical
Few stories but LONGER
One CONTINUOUS storyClassicalBiblical
Stories for CHILDREN Classical
Stories in VERSE ClassicalBiblical
Units with ILLUSTRATIONS ClassicalBiblical

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