Myth-Folklore Unit: Folklore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish

Overview. This remarkable collection of stories — Folklore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish — is centered on the city that is called Al-Quds in Arabic, Jerusalem in English. Most of the folktales are from the Muslim tradition, but there are also parallels included from Jewish and Christian sources; if you read the Adam and Eve, Noah or Jewish Fairy Tales last week, you will see a lot of overlap between the Jewish and Islamic legends. There are stories here about Adam, Eve, and Adam's first wife, Karineh (the Lilith of Jewish legend); you will read about Ibrahim (Abraham), also known as Khalil-Allah, the "friend of God," and there are also legends of Musa (Moses), Ayub (Job), and King Daud (David) along with his son Suleyman (Solomon). In addition, the selection includes a series of stories about El-Khidr, the mysterious "Green Man" of Islamic legend.

Connecting Units. If you read any of the extra-Biblical legends and stories in the first module (Adam and EveNoahInfancy GospelsJewish Fairy Tales), you might really enjoy this unit!

Language. This book consists of retellings of the different religious legends, not direct translations of the ancient religious texts, so the language used should not cause any difficulties.

Story Length. This unit contains mostly single-page stories, including a long series of stories about Ibrahim (Abraham).

Navigation. You will find the table of contents below, and you can also use this link to see the story posts displayed on two pages total: Folklore of the Holy Land. Click "Older Posts" at the bottom of that page to see the second page.

  1. Moslem Cosmogony
  2. Moslem Cosmogony (cont.)
  3. Our Father Adam
  4. Noah
  5. Job and His Family
  6. Lokman
  7. Abraham, the Friend of God
  8. Abraham and Nimrod
  9. Abraham: Mecca and Hebron
  10. Abraham's Hospitality
  11. Abraham's Resting Place
  1. Lot and the Tree of the Cross
  2. The Deaths of Moses and Aaron
  3. David
  4. Solomon
  5. El Khudr the Evergreen
  6. Legends of El Khudr
  7. Elijah and Saint George
  8. El Khudr and Moses