Brer Rabbit: Mr. Jack Sparrow

Mr. Jack Sparrow was a little bird with a big mouth. He was always spreading gossip. He had seen Brer Rabbit stuck to that Tar Baby, for example, and told all the animals how foolish Brer Rabbit had been. This made Brer Rabbit angry, and he decided to get his revenge, but sneakily. He went to the house of Brer Fox and started banging on the door.

"Brer Fox! You better come out here right now!" he shouted.

Brer Fox opened the door and peeked out.

"I heard what you said about how you were going to beat me up, and then beat my wife up, and then beat my children up, and then beat us all up all over again!"

Brer Fox was shocked. "Where on earth did you hear that, Brer Rabbit?"

"You mean it isn't true?" Brer Rabbit replied. "Mr. Jack Sparrow told me!"

"Not true at all," Brer Fox insisted. "Somebody has got to stop that bird and his gossiping!"

Brer Fox then went running out of his house into the woods. Jack Sparrow saw him and flew up eagerly. "Brer Fox, I have some good gossip for you!"

"What?" said Brer Fox. "You know I'm kind of deaf. You better sit on my tail and tell me."

"Is that better?" asked the bird, settling on the fox's tail.

"What? I still can't hear you. Hop up here on my head!" said Brer Fox.

The bird quickly jumped up on the fox's head. "How's that?" he asked.

"What? I still can't hear you. You better hop on my nose."

The bird jumped on the fox's nose and started chattering away.

"I still can't hear you," said Brer Fox. "Hop into my mouth and see if that will work."

Brer Fox opened his mouth and in jumped Jack Sparrow. Brer Fox swallowed him whole, putting a stop to the bird's gossip forever.