Brer Rabbit: The Fox and the Well Bucket

Brer Rabbit was feeling thirsty one day, so he was delighted to find a well by the side of the road. "Perfect!" he exclaimed. He hopped up into the bucket which then plunged straight down into the well. The rabbit drank all the water he wanted, but then he realized that he had no idea how to get back out. He looked up and saw that this well had two buckets: when one bucket was up, the other bucket was down. For the rabbit to get back up out of the well, somebody needed to send the other bucket down.

Luckily for Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox had seen the rabbit disappearing down into that well and it had made him curious. It wasn't long before Brer Fox peeked down into the well and shouted, "Hey there, Brer Rabbit! What are you doing down there?"

"I'm fishing," the rabbit replied. "In fact, I've got me a whole mess of fish, more than enough for my dinner."

That got Brer Fox's attention. "I like fish," he said, "and I could do with some fish for my dinner."

"There's plenty of fish for us both!" Brer Rabbit shouted back. "Just jump in that bucket and come on down!"

Brer Fox did exactly that, and as his bucket went down, Brer Rabbit's bucket came up. When they passed each other midway, Brer Rabbit smiled happily at Brer Fox, and Brer Fox smiled back, thinking about all the fish he would catch.

Imagine his surprise when he reached the bottom of the well and found nothing there but cold water and darkness. "Where are the fish?" shouted Brer Fox. Silence. "Brer Rabbit, are you there?" he shouted once again.

Somebody must have helped Brer Fox get out of that well sooner or later, but it wasn't Brer Rabbit, that's for sure!