Aesop's Fable 97: The Kid and the Wolf

There was once a kid who wandered away from the flock and fell into the clutches of a wolf. "What a nice supper you will make," said the wolf, ready to devour the kid on the spot. The kid, however, did not despair and instead spoke up bravely.

"Now wait just a minute," he shouted at the wolf. "I know that there is no way I can escape you, but I would like to ask you for a favor before I die."

The wolf, surprised by the kid's boldness, replied, "Just what kind of favor did you have in mind?"

The kid explained, "I have heard that you wolves are talented musicians, and perhaps you know that we goats are wonderful dancers and singers. If you play your flute, I will dance and sing for a while, and then I will be able to die happily."

The wolf was flattered by the kid's request, so he got out his flute and started to play while the kid began to dance and sing. "My dear wolf," said the kid, "you are even more talented than I expected. What lovely music! Play on! Play on!"

Meanwhile, hearing the sound of the music in the distance, the shepherd became curious. He told the dogs to guard the flock while he went to investigate. Following the sounds, the shepherd discovered the wolf and the kid. The wolf ran for his life, realizing that he had been tricked.

"How stupid of me," thought the wolf, "to pretend that I am a musician instead of a butcher!"

The kid had also learned a lesson. "I will never wander away from the flock again," he said to the other goats as soon as he rejoined the flock.

The moral of the story is that intelligence and bravery can defeat even the strongest enemy.